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HUCC Membership

Application for Howard University Cancer Center Membership

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HUCC Membership Criteria

Individuals who desire to become members of the HUCC must submit an application describing their interests in the field of cancer.  The personal statement should describe how the applicant's interests relate to the Cancer Center's mission to reduce the burden of cancer through research, education, and service, with emphasis on the unique ethnic and cultural aspects of minority and underserved populations.  Applicants should attach a current C.V. or NIH Biosketch.

The HUCC's Executive Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations regarding appointments and classifications of proposed members to the HUCC director. The authority to officially appoint a member to the HUCC rests with its director.

Expectations of Center Members include participation in HUCC seminars, retreats, site visits, and committee assignments. It is also expected that Center Members will contribute substantively to the research, clinical, training, and service functions of the Center, as evidenced by participation in externally-funded research, other sponsored activity, publication of articles, training, and public engagement.

Membership Types

Full Membership — Full members must be full time Howard University faculty whose primary area of research is in cancer.  A full member's primary academic appointment may be in any HU School or College.  Full members must be actively engaged in cancer research as a principal investigator or project director, as evidenced by grants and/or publications relevant to cancer within the past three years.  All full-time faculty members with their primary academic appointments at HUCC are automatically full members.

Associate Membership — Associate members are full time Howard University faculty whose primary focus may not be in the area of cancer, but who engage in cancer research, either as co-investigators, collaborators, or consultants as evidenced by publications and/or grants relevant to cancer within the past three years.  An associate member's primary academic appointment may be in any HU School or College.

Clinical Membership — Clinical members are not involved in cancer research, but engage in the practice of medicine related to oncology or in some way supporting the mission of the HUCC.  Clinical members may be physicians, nurses, or other allied health professionals who have affiliations with any hospital or health care system.  Howard University Hosptial clinicians who do not meet criteria for full or associate membership may apply for clinical membership.

Affiliate Membership — Affiliate members are non-clinician community-based cancer professionals or cancer advocates whose work directly aligns with and supports the HUCC mission.  Affiliate members may be from any professional background including, but not limited to, public health, biotechnology, government, public service, education, or human services. Part-time and adjunct HU faculty and part-time HUH/HU staff may apply for affiliate membership

Auxiliary Membership — In recognition of the indispensable work and full integration of staff members who support HUCC programs and functions, auxiliary membership is assigned to HU and HUH staff whose primary functions directly support the research, clinical, teaching, or service missions of the Cancer Center.  In some cases, auxiliary members participate as project directors of sponsored projects and authors of papers and presentations.  Auxiliary membership is offered only to full time HU and HUH staff.

Trainees— In general there is no expectation of HUCC commitment beyond anything specified in the appointment period. Junior researchers are not generally involved in faculty governance, personnel decisions nor are they given commitments for space or time for writing independent grants. In general they are expected to be supported by faculty member grants and their performance is assessed primarily by their immediate supervisor. No Center Membership is conferred.