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Screening, Prevention & Cancer Control

Free Prostate Screening & Information

Free prostate screening is offered to patients 40 - 75 years of age. Services offered include a digital rectal examination and a blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA). Men are also provided with education materials.

In March 2010, the Men Take Ten Program received a grant from the DC Cancer Consortium and the DC Deparment of Health to educate men about their prostate cancer screening options and the importance of informed consent.

Contact: (202) 806-7697

Breast Cancer

The Rosemary Williams Mammoday Program

Mammograms are being provided to women who are at least 40 years of age, low income, underinsured or uninsured. All women receive a clinical breast examination and mammogram at no cost. Women are also provided with educational materials. More >>

Contact: Kimberly Higginbotham (202) 865-4655

Project Early Awareness

Project Early Awareness’ goal is to educate girls in the 10th through 12 th grades to take responsibility for their bodies by teaching them the skills needed to detect breast cancer early. Presentations on breast self-examination are made in school classrooms. Funding for the program is provided by the Prevent Cancer Foundation. More >>

Contact: Dr. Carla Williams (202) 806-5293

Tobacco Control Program

The Tobacco Control Program at the Howard University Cancer Center (HUCC) is an active and innovative program that has the singular goal of helping people achieve and maintain a smoke-free lifestyle. This program combines outreach, research, intervention, and advocacy to address tobacco-related health issues. Tobacco control staff members are available to visit local organizations to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco products. The outreach component also educates people about ways to stop smoking and helps motivate smokers to quit. A variety of tobacco-related research studies are conducted through our program. The tobacco research program seeks to increase the number of evidence-based intervention strategies to help people stop smoking. The HUCC tobacco program is uniquely positioned to impact the health of underserved communities. Innovative treatment approaches are designed with the special needs of such populations in mind. The HUCC tobacco program also actively participates in local, national, and international efforts to develop strategies to reduce the disease burden from tobacco use.

Contact: Dr. Carla Williams (202) 806-5293


Cancer Research Exercise (CARE)Program

The CARE Program offers a wide range of behavioral intervention programs to promote the well being of cancer patients and those at increased cancer risk using exercise. The goal of the CARE program is to promote optimum lifestyle practices to decrease cancer risk. The CARE program is one of only a few bio-behavioral labs in the DC area. The program has state of the art equipment available for study participants and employs highly trained professionals in exercise physiology, oncology, nutrition, epidemiology and psychology.

Contact: Dr. Teletia Taylor (202) 806-4199