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Clinical Trials

Below is a current listing of all open clinical trials at Howard University Cancer Center. For more information, please contact Theresa Vaughn at 202-806-7037.

Breast Cancer

NSABP B-43: A Phase III Clinical Trial Comparing Trastuzumab Given concurrently with Radiation Therapy and Radiation Therapy Alone for Women with HER2-Positive Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ Resected by Lumpectomy
P.I. Sara Horton, MD (pending)
Co-P.I.: Jacqueline Dunmore-Griffith, MD

IRB-13-MED-18 (RTOG 1005): A Phase III  Trial of Accelerated Whole Breast Irradiation with Hypofractionation Plus Boost Versus Standard Whole Breast Irradiation Plus Sequential Boost for Early Stage Breast Cancer

P.I.:  Jacqueline Dunmore-Griffith, MD (pending)
Co-P.I.: Sara Horton, MD   

Lung Cancer

IRB-08-MED-66 (CALGB 30607): Randomized Phase III, Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Sunitinib as Maintenance Therapy in Non-Progressing Patients Following an Initial Four Cycles of Platinum-Based Combination Chemotherapy in Advanced, Stage IIIB/IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
P.I.:  Gladys Onojobi, MD

Prostate Cancer

IRB-12-PNAH-03 Dendreon P10-3:  A Registry of Sipuleucel-T Therapy in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer
P.I.: Chiledum Ahaghotu, MD
Co-P.I.: Sara Horton, MD

IRB-13-MED-16 Dendreon P11-4: Immune Monitoring protocol in Men with Prostate Cancer Enrolled to a Clinical Trial of Sipuleucel-T
P.I.:  Chiledum Ahaghotu, MD
Co.P.I.: Sara Horton, MD

IRB-11-MED-66: Phase I/II Study of Safety Efficacy of Muscadine Plus (MPX) in Men with Prostate Cancer: A Randomized Dose-Finding Study of the Effects of Two Doses of MPX Capsule on Rising Prostate-Specific Antigen in Men Following Initial Therapy for Prostate Cancer
P.I.:  Tamaro Hudson, Ph.D.
Co-P.I.: Sara Horton, MD

IRB-12-MED-52: Improving Early Detection of Prostate Cancer in African American Men
P.I.: Chiledum Ahaghotu, MD
Co-P.I.: Tamaro Hudson, Ph.D.

RTOG 0924: Androgen Deprivation Therapy and High Dose Radiotherapy with or Without Whole-Pelvic Radiotherapy in Unfavorable Intermediate or Favorable High Risk Prostate Cancer: A Phase III Randomized Trial
P.I.: Jacqueline Dunmore-Griffith, MD (pending)
Co-P.I.: Sara Horton, MD

IRB-12-MED-72: A Collaborative Study Using Primary Prostate Cells and Their Reprogramming for the Study of Progression to Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer
P.I.: Tamaro Hudson, Ph.D.